How to Fix Makeup Mistakes

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No matter what age a woman is, when I am doing makeup application, I am usually surprised at how many gals are making the same makeup mistakes. Either they didn’t learn the right way to do it as a young woman, or more likely, they just forged ahead and didn’t know any better. There are a number of different makeup mistakes but these are the 5 things that I come across most often.

Using the same Product as a Foundation and Concealer: A foundation product is different from a concealer in that it intended as an all-over face product. A concealer is generally more concentrated and should be used under the eyes and to cover dark spots and blemishes. A concealer should be one-shade lighter than your foundation, not an exact match. It should diminish darkness and add some light to darker areas (like under the eyes). Using the same colour concealer and foundation can create a mask-like effect.

Not priming eyelids: Many women have oily eyelids, which is not unusual and can be tied to aging and hormones. Applying eyeshadow over oily lids is a no-no as it will cause the product to eventually slide right off and become a mucky, makeup mess. Many cosmetic brands recommend using a primer, and I find priming your eyelids can be literally a game-changer! My favourite is Urban Decay Primer Potion, as it seems to have the most staying power. Once you start priming your lids, your eyeshadow will sit better and last much longer.

Using Bronzer as Blush: Bronzed cheeks look unnatural and muddy, but many women incoorectly apply bronzer as blush. Why? Because you apply it with the same tool as a blush brush and the natural inclination is to apply it in the same spot. However, the best option is to apply blush as you would normally to the apples of the cheeks, and then add a bronzer in a number 3 motion: from the temple, to under the cheek bone and then along the jawline, in one sweeping motion. Careful not to apply too much to the brush first, always knock off excess product from your brush. You can also add a sweep across the nose and chin for a sun-kissed look.

Too much mascara: Pretty lashes aren’t spider lashes! Even the most expensive mascara can look clumpy and messy if applied with a heavy hand. Start by adding thin coats of mascara and slowly build it up. If clumps appear on the lashes, use a dry mascara wand (available at any makeup counter) to take off the excess. Mascara should enhance lashes, but not create little black spikes. There are additional products available today like eyelash extensions or false eyelashes for a fuller look that isn’t clumpy.

Not cleaning Makeup Brushes: It wasn’t until I became a makeup artist that I was taught the importance of cleaning your brushes. At least once every few weeks, your makeup brushes should be shampooed with a dedicated cleaner or baby shampoo. Get the bristles wet with warm water right under the tap, and use a small amount of soap to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly and if possible, hang upside-down to dry. Repeat the process with makeup sponges, or toss them out and get new ones. Your makeup will appear fresher when applied with clean brushes, and you can be certain that any breakouts won’t be caused by dirty brushes!

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